Posted by: Scott | May 10, 2010

Prayers that deliver…twins!

This morning while reading Genesis 25, I saw Isaac pray for his “barren wife” and God opened her womb and she delivered…twins! How many times have you and I prayed and received nothing…a lot! What is the difference between Isaac and us…or just me? In this instance Isaac was praying according to the will of  God. Remember Abraham was told he would have as many offspring as the number of sand on the seashore. Well…he only had one child (through Sarah) and that was Isaac. If the promise was to come true…it had to come true through Isaac! And it did!

Isaac prayed because of the promise made to his dad by his God! Are you and I praying according to the will of God? Are we praying according to the promises of God made to us?

What has God promised you? For one, He has promised all of Himself! The Holy Spirit of God is promised to every Christ follower…every single one. The evidence of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control! If you are weak in one of theses areas don’t try harder or exercise it like a muscle…ask God through his Spirit to manifest Himself through one of the traits you need. It is God’s will that you possess these qualities.

Loving Reading through Genesis!

If you do not have a reading plan for the Bible, I encourage you to follow ours at

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